Baggage & Optional Service Charges


Tickets are Non-Refundable except in the case of Death of passenger


Date Change:

Penalty usd $175.00 + difference in fare if applicable



Reservation should be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to flight date, ticket credit will be valid for use for 12 months (1 Year) from the date of issue, and penalty and fare difference will apply.


Waiver on Date Change/Cancellation or Refunds:

Penalty will be waived for illness or death of passenger or immediate family member. Waiver for illness only applies in the event of hospitalization (family consists of: mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, children and spouse) all relevant documents must be provided for proof.


Senior Discounts:

Passengers 60 years and older are applicable for 10% off the base fare, except on special fares.


Tax Exempt:

TnT National ages 60+ years and Children ages 2-4 years old holding with a valid TT Passport are applicable to be exempted.


Child Discounts:

Passenger ages 2-11 years travelling with an adult are applicable for 10% off the base fare, except on special fares.


Name Correction:

Name correction penalty is $25 usd


Name Changes:

Not permitted (tickets are non-transferrable).


No Show:

If you don’t cancel your reservations at least 24 hours prior to flight departure and you don’t show up this is referred to as NO SHOW, the value on this ticket will be lost and a new ticket will be required for travel at a future date.



Different Airlines offer different baggage allowances Caribbean Airlines will offer 1 free check suitcases not exceeding 50 lbs and 1 carry on at 22 lbs, Jet Blue Airlines will offer no free check backs however, you will be allowed 1 free carry on at 22 lbs.  For updated information on these and all other carriers, please consult your travel agent.